1. General regulations

STARA PELEGRINKA, association for sport and recreation, Sinovčićeva 6, 21 000, Split, personal identification number (PID): 61924237066 (hereinafter Stara Pelegrinka) is the owner of Smart Training website, web application, Android and iOS application (hereinafter Platform).

Smart Training web application, Android and iOS application make the system that allows its users to buy workout programs, follow training schedule and create their own exercises and programs. With Smart Training web application coaches can connect to their clients and assign personalized workouts.

Platform distinguishes two types of users (hereinafter collectively referred to as User):

  • I. Coach – user that creates workout programs
  • II. Athlete – user for whom Coach creates workout programs or who buys programs from store
  • III. Partner – user who can create workout programs and publish them to the store

Terms of use regulate conditions and rules for the Users and they refer to editing the way of using the Platform. Please read them carefully.

By using website Smart Training or any other service, product or information by Platform the User accepts all orders and terms of use provided on this page. The User as well accepts all the risks that come from the usage and accepts the use of the Platform only for personal usage and on his own responsibility.

Stara Pelegrinka reserves the right to change or cancel any business segment at any moment, including, and without restrictions, content, time availability, as the equipment needed for the access or usage of pages. Moreover, Stara Pelegrinka can stop sending any part of information, or any kind of information, it can change or cancel any way of data transfer, it can change the speed of data transfer as any of their other characteristics.

2. User account

Platform usage is permitted only to individuals over 18 years old. The User personally declares and guarantees that he is over 18 years old when accessing, using or registering on the Platform.

The User must have the user account as well as the profile on the Platform in order to use the Platform.

The User commits to submit accurate and truthful information and to update them on his profile when necessary in order to guarantee the relevance and accuracy of the information.

Stara Pelegrinka does not guarantee for the accuracy, reliability or content of any information, exercise or training program published by the Platform, and it reserves the right to change, adapt, exchange, delete or remove any kind of content estimated as inappropriate.

By creating the user account the User gives the right to Stara Pelegrinka to publish basic set of information inside the Platform, where other Users can see provided information, in order to connect Users and send or publish programs.

In order to successfully do the registration the User must read and accept Terms of use and Privacy policy. Accepting General conditions the User states that all the information about him are true and accurate.

The User can terminate the contract with Stara Pelegrinka at any time, without any cost and without giving the reason, previously paying all obligations generated over the duration of the contract.

In the case of violation of regulations stated in the Terms of use and contract, or if Stara Pelegrinka has the actual reason to believe that it needs to protect its safety and integrity, safety and integrity of the User or the third parties, or in order to prevent the frauds or for the purpose of investigations, Stara Pelegrinka reserves the right to limit the access of the User in violation, temporarily or permanently suspend the user account of the User in violation or terminate this regulations and terms of use which oblige you to the Stara Pelegrinka, immediately and without notice.

3. Responsibility and behavior of the User

All interpersonal communication and interaction taking place through the Platform should be in accordance with this General conditions of business and usage. Users must not publish or transfer through the Platform any kind of materials that endanger or in any other way violate the rights of others, any kind of material that is by its nature illegal, threatening, offensive, slanderous, that disturbs or endangers privacy, that is vulgar, obscene or in other way undesirable in appropriate communication, that encourages illegal activities or in different way violates any regulation.

Any kind of verbal, physical, written or any different way of inappropriate communication and behavior by the User towards any other User, employee and/or associate of Stara Pelegrinka will have as a result immediate termination of cooperation and deactivation of the user account.

The user himself is responsible to respect all the laws, regulations and obligations that are applied to his usage of the Platform.

Stara Pelegrinka is not one of the contractors of any agreement, contract or contractual relationship of any kind that are made between the Users of the Platform.

Stara Pelegrinka disclaims any responsibility for any actions of the User connected with the usage of the Platform, as for any damage or any other kind of direct or indirect loss, that can arise to the User or any other third party as a result of:

  • I. usage of the Platform
  • II. impossibility of the usage of the Platform due to improper handling of the User
  • III. unavailability of the Platform as a result of technical problems or force majeur
  • IV. errors in the work of the Platform

Stara Pelegrinka does not correspond to the User for the damage that arises under abuse of the Platform, and especially when the abuse is caused by the force majeur, equipment failure, mishandling, by the influence of other licensed or unlicensed computer programmes, viruses or other adverse effects.

Stara Pelegrinka reserves the right to change the terms of use at any time and it is not responsible for any possible consequences that can come out of such changes. These changes enter into force by publishing them on these websites or when the Users are informed about them. Changed terms of use refer to all existing and future Users.

4. Intellectual property

Platform contains copyrighted material, material protected by a trademark, design and other information which are covered with other rights of natural or legal persons, including, but no restrictions on, texts, photographs, graphics, as on all content of the Platform, and according to the regulations of the Republic of Croatia. The User shall not change, publish, transfer, participate in the transfer or sale, create derivatives, or in any other way exploit any kind of content, entirely or partially. The User can download, print and save materials that are copyrighted only for the purpose of personal usage. Copying, redistribution, retransmission, publishing or commercial exploit of downloaded material is not allowed without explicit written approval from Stara Pelegrinka and the copyright holder.

Posting one’s own material on any part of the Platform, the User claims to be the rightholder over that material and that he gives the right to Smart Training to use and process published pictures, titles and descriptions of the services for the purpose of marketing and promotion of the Platform and Stara Pelegrinka.

5. Complaint

Every User has the right to raise written complaint in the case of dissatisfaction with the Platform or any other service provided by Stara Pelegrinka.

To be valid the complaint shall contain: name and surname of the User, telephone number, mail address and the description of the problem/the reason for the complaint.

Submission of the written complaint is possible via e-mail: at smart.training01cro@gmail.com. Smart Training will answer to the User’s written complaint within the legally defined deadline of 15 (fifteen) days from the day of received complaint.

6. Legal notices

The Platform is published by STARA PELEGRINKA, association for sport and recreation, based at the address Sinovčićeva 6, 21 000, Split, Croatia, represented by Damir Lastre.

For any questions you can contact Stara Pelegrinka via e-mail smart.training01cro@gmail.com.


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